Berejiklian sets sights sky high

New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian has placed herself at the foot of a mountain.

In a recent parliamentary address the Premier outlined her three priorities whilst serving as leader of the Liberal Party.

Two of these – building local infrastructure and maintaining a strong economy – should not be difficult for the former treasure.

During her two year tenure as treasure, the State Government’s surpluses reached as high as 10 billion dollars.

The Government is in an extremely affluent position currently so the idea of propping up a few schools and hospitals is no eyebrow raiser.

Her third focus area, housing affordability, will be far more difficult to negotiate.

“I strongly believe supply is the best way that we can address housing affordability,” she said.

Berejiklian is yet to expand on her proposed solutions to housing affordability and there has been little said as to what her policy strategy will be, other than references to supply strategies that are already in operation.

As Sydney Morning Herald Political Editor Sean Nicholls said on Tuesday, “Whilst these pronouncements give us a clue as to where Ms. Berejiklian might want to head as Premier, the tumultuous history of NSW politics tells us there’s no guarantee she’s going to get there.”

Source: Fairfax Media // Photo: Liberal Party of NSW


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