Is this the last Aus Day Hottest 100?

After 28 years Triple J’s Hottest 100 could air on Australia Day for the last time.

The countdown of the nation’s favourite tunes from the previous year has become an event of its own; a reason to get together amidst snags and booze and giant thongs.

A growing push to have the countdown date moved from ‘Invasion Day’ has gained momentum, with many listeners believing that the current date is insensitive to indigenous Australians.

Following a petition to move the countdown to a different date, the national youth broadcaster has said that future dates will be subject to review.

“The review is still in progress and consultation will continue throughout the first half of 2017,” the station said in a statement.

“We’re consulting with the ABC Bonner Committee, who are the ABC’s primary advisory body on issues relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff, content, and communities.”

Given that the majority of Triple J’s listeners are often categorised as young, progressive and left-leaning, it is likely that the “change the date” movement will continue to grow.

“The ABC has a long history of excellent broadcasting with a focus on diversity, and Triple J is no exception.”

Source: Triple J


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