Trump to loan Mexico $25 billion

It hasn’t even been a week since Donald Trump fumbled his way into the presidential office and already he’s dishing out generosity south of the border.

Throughout his campaign Mr Trump championed his ‘Build the Wall’ slogan and his first few days in office have very much centred on this key immigration policy.

Speculation has turned immediately to cost, with experts saying the wall could cost anywhere between 15 and 25 billion US dollars.

Key to Trump’s campaign was that the mammoth wall, that would span California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, would not be funded by US tax-payers but would instead be paid for by Mexico.

Despite Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto stating publicly that Mexico would not fund the project, Trump has been resolute in reassuring his faithful that Mexico will indeed bankroll the wall.

The catch, of course, is that the wall will be initially paid for by the US with Trump promising that Mexico will reimburse American tax-payers for their generous loan.

And while there’s been no explanation as yet as to how the US are going to squeeze $25 billion dollars out of Mexico for a wall they don’t want, there can be no denying that American spirit.

Photo: Youtube


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