Trump’s policy, shocking to those that weren’t listening

It hasn’t even been two weeks since Donald Trump assumed the presidency and already he’s rolled out the blueprints for most of his major policies.

An anti-muslim immigration plan, archaic position on border control and an active stance on climate change denial all sound extreme, even ludicrous.

But are they surprising?

If someone had told you constantly for the past 18 months that today you’d be punched in the face, would you be all that surprised when the punch finally landed?

Maybe you would, if instead of focusing on what that person was saying you gave your attention to his unconventional hair cut or the fact that he can’t quite pronounce the letter ‘H’ properly.


Of course, Americans were punched in the face; not by Trump, but by the left wing media that granted his ascension.

If, instead of creating a personality war that rested on which presidential candidate was ‘more corrupt’, the ‘big six’ media outlets that control 90% of US media had zeroed in on actual policies, Trump’s presidential plans may have actually been exposed.

Trump’s economic plan stands to lose the US in excess of 3m jobs while plans to cut taxes and reduce tax brackets are more tailored to corporate US than they are small town America.

In cutting the current tax bracket system from seven down to three Trump will guarantee a cap on taxation at 33%, 6.6% less than what America’s wealthiest citizens have paid in the past.

Trump’s promise to employ a tariff based system for trading with countries like China and Mexico will further raise the price of simple household goods and electronics that Americans use everyday.

He’s also stated unequivocally that the US will pull out of the Paris Agreement, will ban Islamic immigration and will pursue construction of a wall set to cost 25b dollars.

Incredibly, the neo-liberal style of debate, which involves screaming the words ‘racist, sexist, homophobic’ at any and all Trump supporters and Trump related media, has been ineffective in swaying the president from pursuing this disastrous policy.

Perhaps even more astonishingly, the media attention lent to musing over Trump’s tiny hands, his creepy comments about his own daughter and WWE encounter with Vince McMahon have also failed to deter the 45th president from doing exactly what he told the world he was going to do.

The great irony of Trump’s presidency is that by yelling and whining about how horrible a person Trump is or isn’t, mainstream media managed to distract the public from his dysfunctional policy.

Incredulous, when you consider how fixated the left have become on taking the personal out of politics.

How often are we reminded that it shouldn’t matter if we’re black or white; gay or straight; male or female, and yet, in the end, what gave Trump’s policy weight was a public that couldn’t be denied their obsession for gossip.

Photo: storypick


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