Turnbull goes ham on Shorten

After an unsatisfactory start to the parliamentary year that has seen him become the face of ridicule in federal politics, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull finally snapped today.

In a scathing parliamentary address, Turnbull unloaded on the leader of the opposition referring to him as “the great sycophant of billionaires”.

“Trying to run the politics of envy. When he was always a regular dinner guest at Raheen with Dick Pratt, did he knock back the Cristal? I don’t think so.”

From there, the image of Shorten as a social climbing parasite grew, as members of the coalition cheered.

“There was never a union leader in Melbourne that tucked his knees under more billionaire’s tables than the Leader of the Opposition.

“He likes harbourside mansions, and you know why? He is yearning for one, he’s yearning to get into Kirribilli House, because somebody else pays for it.

“This man is a parasite and has no respect for the taxpayer, any more than he has respect for the Australian Workers Union.”

Poor Bill.

All he did was accuse the PM of cutting family payments to pay for a $50 billion hand-out to banks and big businesses.

Photo: The Australian // Twitter



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