Centenarian dances towards 103rd birthday

Eileen Kramer turns 103 on November 8 but creatively she’s still as young as ever.

The dancer and poet is planning a special birthday performance as part of The Now Project run by the Arts Health Institute.

Australian Ageing Agenda

Image: Australian Ageing Agenda

“I always feel young. I feel the same, creatively, as I did when I was a child, making doll clothes, I’m still designing costumes you know, dancing, performing.”

The performance is entitled The Buddha’s Wife, a piece that she told the Canberra Times was inspired by her travels through India in the 1960s.

After living in Europe and the US she returned to Australia at the age of 99, because she missed the kookaburras.

Kramer (SMH)

Image: The Sydney Morning Herald

The Arts Health Institute is hoping to raise $32, 000 to fund the project, with public donations being accepted via a crowd funding website.

“We should all wake up and say ‘I’m going to make something up today, I’m going to create something.”


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