Chinese Noodle House (Dodgy Dumplings) Review

We tucked into dumplings at Chinese Noodle House, affectionately known as ‘Dodgy Dumplings’, in Sydney’s Haymarket.


Image: Hide & Seek

The Menu

16 pork and chive dumplings (boiled)

16 beef and onion dumplings (boiled)

12 pork and chive dumplings (steamed)

12 lamb and onion dumplings (steamed)

12 lamb and onion dumplings (pan-fried)

Here’s what the team thought.



I’m not one to beat about the bush, so here goes. All of the dumplings tasted the same; it was impossible for me to distinguish between the various meats and vegetables and the nondescript meat itself tasted processed. As if that wasn’t enough, the batter was doughy and lacked structural integrity to the point that I ended up wearing half of my dumplings by the end of the feed. BYO beer was the only redeeming feature of an otherwise thoroughly disappointing experience.

Rating: 1.5/4



Overall a thoroughly enjoyable dining experience. The dumplings were packed with flavour and full to the brim with sauce. The dough was soft but managed to hold its own against the weight of the meat. A longy of Super Dry went down a treat in the sun.

Rating: 3/4



Dumplings and a six-pack of Singha, what more could you ask for? It may not be an obvious combination, but at Dodgies, it works.

Rating: 2.75/4



I’ll be honest, it’s not what you’d call top tier Chinese. That being said, the place does have a certain undeniable charm that keeps its regulars coming back for more. There’s out door seating, BYO beers and plenty of value for money. As far as the dumplings are concerned, they’re not half bad. I’ll agree with Sam in that there are textural issues and I’m not 100% confident that the pork came from an actual pig but we had a laugh and it filled us up. What more could you want?

Rating: 2.5/4

Overall rating: 2.1/4

Address: 8 Quay St, Haymarket NSW 2000


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