Pho Fridays pt 3 – Ha Noi Quan

We ate pho at Ha Noi Quan in Campsie.



The Menu

Rare beef & brisket beef noodle soup

Pho tai nam

Wonton noodle soup

Mi van than (nuoc) 

Here’s what the team thought.


We were greeted on arrival by a very bubbly member of staff; a sign of good things to come. The décor was pretty special. The exposed brick and vibrant Vietnamese-themed feature wall truly stood out amongst the dingy cramped interiors we’ve become accustomed to on our pho journey. We ordered and within minutes were staring down at the largest bowls of food you are likely to find at 10am in Campsie. I had the Wonton soup, a slight departure from the traditional Pho tai nam but a Vietnamese-Aussie staple nonetheless. The chicken broth was full-flavoured and certainly hit the spot. Egg noodles were a nice change, perfectly cooked and I have nothing more to say there. The greens were abundant and struck the perfect balance of tenderness and crunch. The wontons themselves were tasty, although the casing was somewhat soggy (a tough critique given that they were submerged in a bowl of broth but a critique all the same). All in all, a cracking dish in a cool and friendly location.

Rating: 3.5/4


We parked right outside – you beauty. The staff were great and the portion size was enormous. In typical fashion I only got through a third of my bowl but I had enough to make the following deductions. The meat was plentiful (big thumbs up) but a tad overcooked. The broth was full of flavour but not too salty, a difficult medium to find in the pho game. The noodles were noodles. As usual I whipped together my soy/chili dipping sauce and it went down a treat. The air con and fans were a welcomed change to a typically sweaty experience.

Rating: 3.25/4


Overall rating: 3.375/4

Pho Fridays ranking: 1st

Address: 94 Beamish St, Campsie NSW 2194


Check out the Pho Fridays ladder as it stands.

The Ladder

  1. Ha Noi Quan (Campsie) 3.375/4
  2. Pasteur (Haymarket) 3/4
  3. Gia Hoi (Haymarket) 2.7/4

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