Pho Fridays pt 4 – Mê Phở

We ate pho at Mê Phở in Kogarah.


Image: Australian Good Food Guide

The Menu

Oxtail Pho

Slow cooked oxtail served with pho noodles in Mê Phở’s signature beef broth.


Fried Chicken Pho 

Mê Phở’s signature broth served with pho noodles with fried chicken Maryland on the side.


Here’s what the team thought.



Close your eyes for a moment and consider your phoseption of Vietnamese cuisine. You’re thinking simple, traditional food in a cramped shoebox-like space that possesses the decorative flair of a public changing room. If you’re like me, you would be thoroughly unperturbed by such thoughts – the humble bowl of pho is, after all, an absolute treasure.

Now throw all of those thoughts out the window and step on into Mê Phở.

Tucked away off Kensington Street, this place is a hidden gem. It offers a modern Australian twist on the Vietnamese staple (think Pho meets trendy Melbourne café). Outdoor seating, wooden stools, a self-serve condiments bar and an open kitchen; you get the feeling these guys have sat down and thought “how do we do pho differently?”

The presentation was fresh and exciting and the food itself hit the spot. My chicken was crispy, perfectly seasoned and came paired with a syrupy dipping sauce that was unusual but satisfying. The food did take a little longer to get to us than your average joint, but boy was it worth the wait. Phonomenal.

Rating: 3.75/4



“The only word that comes to mind when I see this… WOW.” – That bald judge on The Block.

Although nestled amongst a variety of restaurants, Mê Phở managed to stand out and provide me with that “it” factor I had been searching for on my pho journey. This groovy little place manages to strike a balance between the trendy café/street food scene through its furniture and décor and the much beloved traditional Vietnamese restaurant that Jack described. Impressive as this all was, the star attraction of Mê Phở is undoubtedly the food. The oxtail was tender, fatty and bursting with savoury goodness. The broth was in a league of its own; it was so reduced and intense that it tasted like a kind of halfway point between a classic broth and a beef stock. As usual I have little to say about the noodles, veg and garnishes – they’re pretty damn hard to get wrong. If I was to make one small critique it would be that the portions were a tad undersized (I know I certainly could have demolished a few more pieces of oxtail at least!)

Rating: 3.5/4

Overall rating: 3.625/4

Pho Fridays ranking: 1st


Address: 5/13 Belgrave St, Kogarah NSW 2217



Check out the Pho Fridays ladder as it stands.

The Ladder

  1. Mê Phở (Kogarah) 3.625/4
  2. Ha Noi Quan (Campsie) 3.375/4
  3. Pasteur (Haymarket) 3/4
  4. Gia Hoi (Haymarket) 2.7/4



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