The Rabbitohs have a priority complex


Todd Carney has reportedly penned a deal with the North Sydney Bears.

Is Todd Carney a goose? Absolutely. Did his repeated alcohol-fuelled off-field indiscretions justify his exile from the NRL? Sure.

Heed those assertions as I say this: if the Rabbitohs cut ties with the North Sydney Bears for signing Todd Carney then the club has a lot of explaining to do.

The Rabbitohs have made it clear that they are not interested in Carney and advised the Bears, Souths’ feeder club, not to sign him.

“We’ve spoken to Norths about Todd Carney and it’s our position that we will develop our young halves as opposed to bringing in a player from outside the club,” Souths general manager of football Shane Richardson said.

“Players such as Adam Doueihi, Connor Tracey and Dean Hawkins are all excellent young players who we see as future players in the NRL and our efforts will be concentrated on them.”

Yesterday it was announced that Carney had officially penned a deal with the Bears to play in the Intrust Super Cup and it’s likely that Souths will end its 11 year relationship with Norths as a result of this defiance.

Let’s throw all the cards on the table here and admit that the club’s rejection of Carney has absolutely nothing to do with focusing on the development of current stocks. If that was Souths’ recruitment logic explain to me why they signed Robbie Farah when a certain Damien Cook was champing at the bit to have his start in the red and green number nine.

No. This isn’t about recruitment, or cap pressure, or Carney not being the right style of player. This is about brand image. The club doesn’t want a 31 year old with a drinking problem donning its fine colours, particularly not if it’s going to affect membership numbers, sponsorship or game attendance.

And whilst I concede that those are perfectly reasonable considerations for any business, South Sydney’s track record of signing and resigning players with far worse crimes to their name than Carney (think Kirisome Auva’a, who turned up to his ex-girlfriend’s house and assaulted her to a pulp, pleaded guilty in a Melbourne court and four months later was allowed to taste premiership glory) gives this whole stance the reek of hypocrisy.

As a lifelong South Sydney fan, I’m disappointed by my club’s stance on Todd Carney, not because I think we need him, but because I want to support a club that makes decisions based on its honest values, rather than its brand image.

I get it, Carney’s had a handful of chances and he’s an idiot. But if you can honestly tell me that piddling in your own mouth is more disgusting than assaulting a woman purely because it’s probably not the first time you’ve tried it, you’ve got serious, serious issues.




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