Moore’s Multi


Things aren’t looking good for the Blues. Image: Getty.

In Moore’s Multi, I put together a five-legged multi for those casual punters who want to try their hand and have a little flutter to take them into the weekend.

Here at Birdlike, we strongly advise the responsible conduct of gambling, so my limit is $10!

Last week I got oh so close with a Melbourne blow out thwarting my victory on the final leg. This week, I have a $10 bonus bet (a reward for last week’s strong performance where I picked 4/5). This week will include two NRL matches and three AFL matches.



Sharks (against Rabbitohs)


Melbourne 40+ (against Western Bulldogs)


George Jennings to score and Eels to win (against Knights)


North Melbourne 1-39 (against Brisbane)


Collingwood 1-39 (against Fremantle)




With a $10 bonus bet, the estimated return is $360.06. Hopefully this week we can go one step closer to a mutli win.

Remember, if you are having a punt this weekend, gamble responsibly.


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